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Watch us apply leverage to stocks without the use of margin.
  • Simply type in a stock symbol for a prior or future market session and click “Show Me.”
  • We will call you first and then test it for you in a simulated account, using options and our proprietary framework.
  • We will then return the results to you via phone or email.
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Thanks in large part to trader and Ph.D. author Andrew Aziz, this journey continues to be an exciting one. My strategies continue to evolve and appear to have tremendous promise at this stage of testing. I enjoy getting together over lunch to talk shop and collaborate with fellow traders. If you are in the Waco area, please do get in touch via email or text message. I would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer / Risk

All trading involves risk and one should never trade with money they can’t afford to lose! My personal statements and opinions are ‘observations’ at best, and are not to be misconstrued as investment advice. I am not a licensed advisor or broker.

Many short-term and long-term traders agree with the following potential decisions:

  • Short Term: One should not risk more than 1% of a trading account per session traded and should not take on margin risk.
  • Long Term: One should use protective puts (leap options) to manage long-term risk.

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